About Us

Lance RussellWe moved to Colorado from Michigan approximately 23 years ago.  Growing up on a farm in Michigan I grew to love trees and outdoor work.  I learned a lot from my dad who maintained the woods and planted trees to always improve the farm.

We began the tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding business in November of 2010.  Prior to that I was doing self employed welding and did not want to travel for out of town jobs.  I felt the tree service would supplement my welding job and that there was a place for quality work at a reasonable price.

I have been married to my wife for 30+ years and have two grown children who live in Sterling, Christina and Michael.  My son joined the business approximately October 2011 and works full time for the tree service.

We feel blessed by God to work in the tree service business and would enjoy the opportunity to bid and work on your project.  Our customers deserve the best job for a fair price.  Our satisfied customers would be glad to give us references to the quality of work we perform.

Lance, Sharon, Christina, and Michael